«On the Barn-Floor», 1949 г.«The city is built», 1967 г.«Railwaymen», 1950 г.«Female Carpet Makers», 1959 г.«Female Carpet Makers», 1959 г.«Huts on the Shore», 1971 г.«Summer. August», 1973 г.

About Gallery

The Gallery presents the most comprehensive collection of artworks by a prominent Soviet Kyrgyz painter Feudor Mikhailovich Stukoshin, whose pictures refer to the epoch of socialist realism. The "Gallery" page of the web-site presents pictures created by the painter for the entire creative period, practically in all genres of painting. It is landscapes and still lifes being full of poetic feeling, thematic paintings and portraits bearing the spirit of the 20th century, expressing social atmosphere of postwar period. The painter’s brief biography can be found in "About Artist" page. To fill out the feedback form, please, refer to "Contacts" page.

At the moment, the catalog of painter’s works is in the process of filling.